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4 Best ETFs For Current Stocks Market

Despite the market's precipitous decline hundreds of new ETFs have entered the market in the last two years. Indeed there are over 735 ETFs today compared to 635 in the beginning of 2008. Many of these newcomers offer you exciting new ways to profit in any market, lower your costs, and simplify your life.

But which of these should you consider for this tumultuous market? 

As editor of Forbes ETF Advisor, it's my mission to help you separate wheat from the chaff and quickly zero in on the best new entrants.  In this bulletin, I'll show you a list of new ETFs available for trading. 

When it comes to finding the best ETFs, we have a remarkable advantage. The secret is our proprietary ETF ranking system. This system ranks ETFs by their anticipated risk and return in relation to their indexes and to moving averages. That's how Forbes ETF Advisor can give you unmatched quantitative and technical perspectives on the wide universe of ETFs.  Then we combine this technical analysis with our time-tested risk-adjusted investment discipline.

And we have a few other advantages up our ETF sleeves, not the least of which is the fact that I've been covering ETFs since their inception, both for institutional and individual investors.That's why many subscribers tell me that Forbes ETF Advisor is must-read guidance for navigating the rapidly changing world of ETF investing.  ETFs now offer you an increasingly complex range of options. Many ETFs are now tied to unknown and complex market indexes. Some promise to double your money when the stock market or certain sectors of the market decline. Others track the price of gold, crude oil and even real estate.  And many new ETFs are from totally new investment firms that aren't household names. 

Just take a look at a few of the recent new entrants…
ProShares Small Cap
Lifecycle ETFs
   Ultra Gold
S&P Europe
.   XShares Advisors
   UltraShort Gold
S&P Europe Emerging
.   Zacks 2010 Lifecycle Index
   Ultra Silver
S&P Latin America
.   Zacks 2020 Lifecycle Index
   UltraShort Silver
S&P Middle East & Africa
Zacks 2030 Lifecycle Index
   Short Russell 2000 RWM
S&P World (ex-US)
Zacks 2040 Lifecycle Index
   UltraShort Russell 2000 TWM
S&P World (ex-US) Small Cap
Zacks In-Target Lifecycle Idx
PowerShares Commodity ETFs
SPDR Barclays Capital Intermed
StateShares for:
DB Energy DBE
SPDR Barclays Capital Mortgage
Goldman Sachs
DB Precious Metals DBP
Commodity Nat Gas Indxd Trust
Commodity Energy Trust
DB Silver DBS
Van Eck
DB Base Metals DBB
Market Vectors Global Alt Energy
DB Agriculture DBA
Market Vectors Russia
Barclay's Global Inv Bond ETFs
Barclay's Global Investors
Barclay's filed for a high yield bond
Barclays Short Treasury SHV
ETF that will track the Int'l Index
Barclays MBS Bond Fund
Co. 's iBoxx Liquid High Yield Index.
Barclays 10-20 Yr Treasury
Barclay's Commodity ETFs
Barclays Cred CFT
iShares S&P US Pref Stock Index
New Jersey
Barclays 1-3 Year Credit CSJ
iShares GSCI Indus Metals Index
New York
Barclays Intermed Credit CIU
iShares GSCI Light Energy
North Carolina
Barclays Intermed Gov't/Credit
iShares GSCI Comm Livestock
Barclays Gov't/Credit GBF
iShares GSCI Non-Energy
State Street Global Advisors SPDR
Macquarie Global Infrastr 100 GII
Japanese Yen
US Technology
Automatic Allocation RAFI
US Telecommunications
Dynamic Brand Name Portfolio
US Utilities
DWA Technical Leaders
India Tiger
Total Bond Market
S&P 500
NASDAQ Dividend Achievers
Short Term Bond
S&P 500 Growth
NASDAQ Internet
Intermediate Term Bond
S&P 500 Value
REIT Preferred
Long Term Bond
S&P Mid Cap 400
ValueLine 400
FTSE All-World ex-USA.
S&P Mid Cap 400 Growth
VTL Associates TIGERS
S&P Mid Cap 400 Value
Revenue-Wghted Large Cap Index
Communications Sector
S&P Small Cap 600
Revenue-Wghted Mid Cap Index
Financial Sector
S&P Small Cap 600 Growth
Revenue-Wghted Small Cap Index
REIT Sector
S&P Small Cap 600 Value
Claymore Advisors
International Real Estate
Russell 1000
BBD Optimax Income
Asia Emrg Mrkt Ttl Div
Russell 1000 Growth
BIR All-Star Select
Asia Emrg Mrkt High-Yield
Russell 1000 Value
BIR Mid-Cap Value
Emrg Markets Total Div
Russell 2000
BIR Small-Cap Core
Emrg Mkts High-Yield Eq
Russell 2000 Growth
Clear Mid-Cap Growth
Emrg Mrkts Div Top 100
Russell 2000 Value
Great Comp Large-Cap Grwth
Latin America Ttl Div
Russell Mid Cap
IndexIQ Small-Cap Value
Australia Total Dividend
Russell Mid Cap Growth
KLD Certified Sudan Free Large-
Canada Total Dividend
Russell Mid Cap Value
Cap Social
China Total Dividend
Russell 3000
Ocean Tomo Growth
France Total Dividend
Russell 3000 Growth
Robeco Large-Cap Value
Germany Total Dividend
Russell 3000 Value
Sabrient CEF Balanced Opp
Hong Kong Ttl Dividend
Sabrient CEF Income Opp
India Total Dividend
NASDAQ Biotechnology
Zacks Growth & Income
Malaysia Total Dividend
Consumer Discretionary
Zacks Mid-Cap Core
Singapore Ttl Dividend
Consumer Staples
South Africa Ttl Div
South Korea Total Div
Taiwan Total Dividend
UK Total Dividend
UK High-Yielding Equity
Earnings Index
State Street Global Advisors
LargeCap Earnings Idx
S&P Asia Pacific
MidCap Earnings Idx
S&P Asia Pacific Emerging
SmallCap Earnings Idx
S&P China
Earnings Top 100 Index
S&P Emerging Markets
Low P/E
Earnings Index
Earnings Index

Forbes ETF Advisor, will help you quickly zero in on the best ETFs and match these winners with your investing goals.  No other service I know can help you track ETF investments like Forbes ETF Advisor. 

You can get our complete Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations and our free special reports when you subscribe to Forbes ETF Advisor.Just click the link below and you'll be reading our latest picks in about 3 minutes


4 Best Buy ETFs

ETFs simply offer a smarter, safer and more tax efficient vehicle for investors.

Forbes has always been a pioneer in its coverage of smart sound investments for individual investors. Long before Morningstar ever existed, Forbes Magazine with its Mutual Fund Honor Roll began rating funds in the 1950s when the industry was in its infancy. Today, the "Era of ETFs" is just beginning and Forbes has partnered with award winning fund and ETF expert James Lowell III, to bring you The Forbes ETF Advisor.

Jim Lowell's 2008 ETF Picks That MADE MONEY:

ProShares Short QQQ (PSQ) up 46.8%

ProShares Short EAFE (EFZ) up 38.1%

ProShares Short Emerging Markets (EUM) up 19.1%

iShares COMEX Gold (IAU) up 5.4%

PowerShares DB US Dollar Bull (UUP) up 4.2%

iShares Short Treasury (SHV) up 2.8%

Since Jim Lowell launched The Forbes ETF Advisor in April 2006, the S&P 500 has lost 27.2%. Jim's portfolios have lost much less than the market, from his Growth & Income Portfolio (-15.8%) to his Growth Portfolio (-23.7%).

Why Exchange Traded Funds?

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are baskets of top stocks in a variety of broad market, sector or capitalization categories, similar to mutual funds.

But here is where ETFs and Mutual Funds differ:

ETFs are more cost-effective because of lower operating and transaction costs.

ETFs are more liquid and flexible than funds. Like top stocks they can be traded anytime during the market day.

ETFs are more tax-efficient because they typically have very low distribution rates.

ETFs often have better performance than index funds because they are more efficient.

ETFs offer investors a more liquid and efficient way to access hot overseas markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The Forbes ETF Advisor is designed to maximize investor profits and minimize risk using ETF portfolios.

Edited by mutual fund, sector trading and ETF expert Jim Lowell, The Forbes ETF Advisor offers investors a comprehensive guide to the rapidly expanding universe of exchange traded funds. In monthly issues and with weekly hotline alerts investors will profit from timely advice revealing which market leading ETFs are "Buys" and which laggards are "Sells."

The advisory service will also feature Jim Lowell's expert market commentary and his new buy and sell recommendations for four model ETF portfolios:

Global Growth,


Growth and Income,

Global Quant,

And Long/Short

Each monthly issue will also shine a spotlight on one ETF Jim is currently recommending as well as detailed analysis of an entire group of ETFs like international or biotech funds.

And for those still climbing the ETF learning curve, The Forbes ETF Advisor also contains a section entitled ETF University. All this plus Jim Lowell's rankings found in his ETF data tables and weekly email and telephone hotlines.

Your risk-free subscription includes three FREE Bonus Reports:

1. 4 Best Buy ETFs for the Current Market - just published!

2. ETF Investing from Scratch, Jim's concise guide to successful ETF investing.

3. Our members-only Forbes ETF Advisor's Rankings, showing you the best-performing ETFs.

The Forbes ETF Advisor benefits from Jim Lowell's experience in developing his own Technical Trading System for funds and ETFs. This proprietary quantitative system is the product of Jim Lowell's 20 years of investment research. It has a proven track record for maximizing total returns while minimizing your downside risk.

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